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A few simple questions can help you get started on your new swimming pool or spa design. What’s your lifestyle? What are your preferred activities? What are you lacking in your backyard? The answers might help you clarify what you’re looking for.

Love to Host?

Looking for a spot to cool down in the hot summers and host the best pool parties? If you love hosting entertaining parties and spending time with your loved ones, just imagine having a summer vacation spot in your own backyard that’s fun for everyone!

More Exercise?

Build strength while you spend some time outdoors! Swimming pools are a good way to improve your health by providing a low-impact approach to exercising, making it a great alternative for people with aching joints, arthritis, or muscle soreness.

Feeling Anxious and Stressed?

 Need a place to relieve some stress after a long day? Swimming pools promote overall well-being by reducing your anxiety and stress levels. Aqua therapy is just one example of the many forms you can improve your mental health, especially in the privacy of your own backyard!


What if we told you that you could be spending more time enjoying your pool and less time having to clean it? Upgrade your system by using modern maintenance equipment to make pool maintenance easier and more cost effective.

 Ready to get started with your swimming pool? Give us a call.

We hold your hand from start to finish: Permits with the city, design, construction, and lighting to make your outdoor experience a Fabulous one.

Looking for a Swimming Pool Contractor in Miami?

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Love to Host?

Looking for a spot to cool down in the hot summers and host the best pool parties?

More Exercise?

Build strength while you spend some time outdoors!

Feeling Anxious and Stressed?

Need a place to relieve some stress after a long day?


What if we told you that you could be spending more time enjoying your pool and less time having to clean it?

Life is Better by the Swimming Pool

We understand how stressful and messy can be to build or reconstruct a swimming pool in your backyard. That’s why we take all precautions and organize the project in a way that we will mitigate all possible delays to make the experience more enjoyable.

To some, it may just be a swimming pool a large man-made hole in the ground filled with treated water. But to us, it means summers filled with smiles and memories, an escape after a long day, and a good excuse to get out in the sun.

After all, more sun means more serotonin, which means more happiness, productivity, and healthy habits. Improving the quality of your life is at the core of why we do what we do.

Don’t Drown in the Consequences

A Swimming Pool is a big investment and we treat it like one.

– Algae-infested water?
– Unleveled and uneven surfaces?
– Structural cracking?
– Plumbing leaks?
– Outdated pool tiling?
– Expensive maintenance?

Swimming Pool projects are not something you should leave for yourself to do–they require specialized work. If not properly installed, you will not only lose time, but you’ll lose a lot of money. Don’t put off any repairs or maintenance as they can create bigger, more expensive problems to fix when the problem is too far gone.

A Swimming Pool Project

With Gandara Construction

● Communication is Key
Communication, we feel, is the cornerstone of a successful partnership. Our pool project manager will guide you through the material and style selection process. Once completed, our knowledgeable staff will show you how to operate your equipment and properly maintain your pool. We’ll walk you through the construction timelines in detail so you’ll always stay informed.

● Preventative Maintenance
Cosmetic repairs are not the only reason to upgrade your pool. It’s also important that we provide regular maintenance and inspections to catch any safety concerns or areas where your pool system can be made more efficient. We make sure our customers have the most efficient and up-to-date pool heaters, pumps, water treatment, and cleaning systems in place. Not only for cutting the costs of maintenance, but also to provide professional, beautiful, and lasting results.

● The Bigger Picture
Have you heard the saying “leave it better than you found it?” When it comes to completing a swimming pool installation, that’s our motto. Some swimming pool contractors don’t care about the mess they leave behind. That’s not the case for us. We consider the end project as a whole and like to provide an outdoor space that is more than digging a hole for your pool, but also how we can tie your surrounding landscape into making it the perfect outdoor space. So once your pool is completed, there’s no clean-up for you. Just relax and enjoy.

It’s Quick & Easy.


Call or email our team to begin the process of designing your dream pool


Design your dream pool. Consult with our swimming pool experts to select materials, sizing, and layout.


Schedule your services, let the experts do the rest, and you enjoy it for many, many years.

What our Swimming Pool customers are saying?

WG Construction was referred to us by my husband’s friend. His friend was very satisfied how his project turned out and with the GC as well, so we decided to hire William too. William, the GC, and his whole team are very professional, transparent, respectful and efficient. We did not have any problem with none of them. He was always open to hear our thoughts and try to find ways to make it happen. The few times we faced a challenge he was always very open to find a quick solution that worked for us. Furthermore, he has affordable prices. William is also very helpful trying to find options that will fit within your budget. And most important, that will not compromise the quality work delivered. The final result exceeded our expectations! My house looks beautiful, better than we dreamed of. It was a great experience. We highly recommend WG Construction. We have plans for next projects and we are definitely hiring them again.

Jake & Pam Smith

I have contracted WG Construction for multiple projects in my home and family business, including installing impact windows in my home, remodeling a kitchen in our business, and installing a complicated gas-powered machine at my business. William and his team are extremely professional, transparent, and efficient. They always provide a clear estimate and stick to the initial budget. William is honest and direct from the beginning and goes out of his way to find the exact materials in the style and functionality needed for every project. From the initial meeting and invoicing to the last phase of each project, there is always clear communication and professional service. I have always had a great experience and will continue contracting WG Construction for all my home projects because of their fair pricing, integrity and professionalism.

Sofia Maspons

Think Less. Swim more.

We welcome you to the Gandara Construction a Miami swimming pool expert! We specialize in the construction of high-quality custom in-ground swimming pools for commercial and residential properties. We also do concrete work, driveways, new home construction, kitchen and bath remodeling, and complete home remodeling.

Over the years, we have also expanded our expertise to hot tub installation, swimming pool repairs, and helping our customers with the swimming pool remodel and/or restoration.