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When it comes to New Construction projects, it is crucial to understand the fact that most companies can’t meet your needs. This is where WG Construction LLC has proven to stand out given that your project will be constructed as expected. As a professional company, we have built a reputation for 25 years in the construction industry and 10 years as a registered contractor in the state of Florida exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Are you a residential or commercial customer planning on constructing a new building from scratch whether is a brand new house or a multilevel commercial building?

Are you being limited by the high prices of unscrupulous contractors or can’t find the company with the right experience and knowledge to handle such projects?

Whatever the case may be, Gandara Construction is the solution to all those problems given its past records of over-delivering for clients like you.

Why you should hire us
For Your Next New Construction Project

It is a known fact that in order to experience uncompromised new construction services, you need a company that understands the most updated engineering practices in the country. As a professional company, we have managed to tick all of such boxes. The best part is that we are constantly refining our methods as well as procedures of new construction to ensure clients get uncompromised quality even with a limited budget.
Gandara Construction is a licensed, bonded, and insured construction and remodeling company based in Miami Florida



When it comes to the execution of NEW CONSTRUCTION big projects, the services rendered by WG Construction LLC are second to none. We have participated in constructing large buildings (37 floors) in Fort Lauderdale and other smaller multilevel commercial and residential buildings in the past for our clients with huge success. We have experienced technicians and installers on the ground to ensure nothing goes wrong in a bid to meet your needs.

Gandara Construction has brigades of rebars and tendons installers with experience in the post-tensioned construction system and in the construction of large shear walls too.


Even if you don’t need a big building but need a new house instead we can do it. We also do capital home remodeling, state of the art kitchen remodeling, we take care of all facets of the project from design, permits, construction, and finish. want small projects handled with a high level of perfection, the experienced carpenters at WG Construction LLC will be there to help out. Our attitude in projects like refinishing, replacement, and home repair jobs is always a reflection of true professionalism. You can be rest assured that they will always give your project a touch of class.

Gandara Construction has trusses installer brigades with many years of construction experience, with direct relationships with trusses manufacturers for many years.

West Palm Beach Project (Multifamily)

High level of flexibility

When it comes to project construction, we perfectly understand that the needs of clients always vary. Never bother about this as we have proven to be highly flexible over the years. It doesn’t really matter whether your project is large or small as its construction will be carried out according to your instructions.

Every project is scrutinized on a stage-by-stage basis to ensure that everything is spot on. Therefore, you can be rest assured that we are up to the task of meeting your needs without any kind of compromise.

Therefore, take advantage of our high level of expertise today and contact us to handle your construction projects without any fear in the State of Florida.

If you want to know more about our services or need a free estimate, get in touch with us at Gandara Construction. You can use our CONTACT US form or Call 888-609-9064