House Remodeling

Professional house remodeling is more of a science than art. This is because there are lots of variables which an expert company will always take into consideration to ensure no stone is left unturned without keeping in mind the artistic style and the new color and materials trending. Not hiring the right company will only bring frustration, over budget executions, not finishing according to schedule, among many other problems.

The good part is that do not need to keep searching for the right company that can handle the design, permits, remodeling and finish of your house in an expert manner.

This is because our records when it comes to remodeling houses and making them look stunningly beautiful over the years has been impeccable.

Our Expertise

Do you want to remodel a single room or your entire house? Whatever your decision is, there is no need to panic as we are one of the best house remodeling companies in Miami and all surrounding cities ready to help out in the best way possible. We are trained and certified experts who understand the A-Z of remodeling houses and making them look outstanding.

We are proud to have professionals who understand how to make dreams a reality. We also ensure that space isn’t compromised around your home while trying to make it appear fashionable. Gandara Construction has been in this field for over 20 years (10 years as a Florida contractor) and completely understands what is needed for every residential and commercial project to become lively.

Our experts employ remodeling and renovation approaches that are modern and city-approved. Some of our areas of specialty are roofing, driveways, plaster and painting, railing of stairs, installation of various types of tiles and floors, plumbing, bathrooms, quartz and granite countertops, bathroom vanities, ventilation, electrical and air-conditioning installation, and more.

Our guarantee

Based on the experience we have been able to acquire over the years, there is no doubt that handling your remodeling project will be successful. We are not only assuring you of quality work as it will also stand the test of time.

Also, we are constantly researching the latest remodeling techniques to ensure the needs of clients like you are completely met. This is what has made us unique from others over the years.

Quality remodeling services is the watchword when it comes to a company like Gandara Construction

Why you can trust us

We are not only existing to help you experience the best of house remodeling services in South Florida. Also, we want to ensure that such is done in the most cost-effective manner. It means you will be getting a combination of quality and affordability with us around.

There is no need trying to look for how to move over to another location just because you desire to live in a house that is looking modern. This is because we can transform the one you are already living in into something modern that will be far above your expectations. This will save you lots of money in the long run.

Flexibility is what we offer each of our client to ensure they can remodel their homes any how they want. The best part is that our team of experts will be on ground to provide you with all the needed assistance to ensure everything goes according to plan.

If you want to know more about our services or need a free estimate, get in touch with us at Gandara Construction. You can use our CONTACT US form or Call 888-609-9064